Hard– and Software for basic research in the auditory system

The software allows two-channel auditory stimulation (tone burst, gauss pip, noise burst, mono- or biphasic click etc.) and recording of auditory brainstem responses or compound action potentials. Averaged recorded potentials are stored in ASCII format and can be analyzed with a spreadsheet program. In addition single traces are stored in a binary format and can analyzed off-line with any analysis software. Basic functions to record DPOAE are implemented.

The hardware consists of 2 major components:

A computer equipped with a  data acquisition card and custom made software

19” enclosures containing modular equipment for stimulus generation and conditioning of the recorded bio-signals like compound action potential responses, auditory brainstem responses and action potentials

Audiology Lab


For auditory neurophysiology, evoked potentials, single and multi-unit,  DPOAE, data acquisition, stimulus presentation, and analysis




PD Dr. Marcus Müller

Battonnstr. 10

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.:+49 69 979 471 84